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A list of all airports and airport codes in Suriname, sorted by airport name. This list will help you understand what are all the airports in Suriname.

Code Name City Country
\N Afobakka Airstrip Afobaka Suriname
\N Alalapadu Airstrip Alapadu Suriname
ABN Albina Airport Albina Suriname
DRJ Drietabbetje Airport Drietabbetje Suriname
PBM Johan Adolf Pengel International Airport Zandery Suriname
\N Kabalebo Airport Kabalebo Suriname
\N Kayser Airport Kayser Suriname
\N Kwamalasoemoetoe Airport Airport Kwamelasemoetoe Suriname
\N Moengo Airstrip Moengo Suriname
ICK Nieuw Nickerie Airport Nieuw Nickerie Suriname
\N Sipaliwini Airport Sipaliwini Suriname
SMZ Stoelmanseiland Airport Stoelmans Eiland Suriname
TOT Totness Airport Totness Suriname
OEM Vincent Fayks Airport Paloemeu Suriname
AGI Wageningen Airstrip Wageningen Suriname
ORG Zorg en Hoop Airport Paramaribo Suriname

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