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A list of all airports and airport codes in Italy, sorted by airport name. This list will help you understand what are all the airports in Italy.

Code Name City Country
\N Alessandria Airport Alessandria Italy
AHO Alghero-Fertilia Airport Alghero Italy
\N Amendola Air Base Amendola Italy
AOI Ancona Falconara Airport Ancona Italy
AOT Aosta Airport Aosta Italy
AVB Aviano Air Base Aviano Italy
BRI Bari Karol Wojtyła Airport Bari Italy
\N Biella-Cerrione Airport Biella (BI) Italy
BLQ Bologna Guglielmo Marconi Airport Bologna Italy
BZO Bolzano Airport Bolzano Italy
VBS Brescia Airport Brescia Italy
BDS Brindisi – Salento Airport Brindisi Italy
CAG Cagliari Elmas Airport Cagliari Italy
\N Cameri Air Base [MIL] Cameri Italy
\N Casale Monferrato Airport Casale Monferrato Italy
CTA Catania-Fontanarossa Airport Catania Italy
\N Cervia Air Base Cervia Italy
CIA Ciampino–G. B. Pastine International Airport Rome Italy
CIY Comiso Airport Comiso Italy
\N Como (Idroscalo - Water Ad) Hidroport Como Italy
CRV Crotone Airport Crotone Italy
CUF Cuneo International Airport Cuneo Italy
DCI Decimomannu Air Base Decimomannu Italy
PMO Falcone–Borsellino Airport Palermo Italy
RMI Federico Fellini International Airport Rimini Italy
FOG Foggia "Gino Lisa" Airport Foggia Italy
FOG Foggia \"Gino Lisa\" Airport Foggia Italy
FRL Forlì Airport Forli Italy
GOA Genoa Cristoforo Colombo Airport Genoa Italy
\N Ghedi Air Base Ghedi Italy
\N Gioia Del Colle Air Base Gioia Del Colle Italy
\N Grazzanise Airport Grazzanise Italy
GRS Grosseto Air Base Grosseto Italy
\N Guidonia Air Base Guidonia Italy
BGY Il Caravaggio International Airport Bergamo Italy
\N Istrana Air Base Treviso Italy
SUF Lamezia Terme Airport Lamezia Italy
LMP Lampedusa Airport Lampedusa Italy
QLT Latina Air Base Latina Italy
LCC Lecce Galatina Air Base Lecce Italy
FCO Leonardo da Vinci–Fiumicino Airport Rome Italy
MXP Malpensa International Airport Milano Italy
EBA Marina Di Campo Airport Marina Di Campo Italy
LIN Milano Linate Airport Milan Italy
\N Milano-Bresso Airport Milano Italy
NAP Naples International Airport Naples Italy
\N Novi Ligure Airport Novi Ligure Italy
OLB Olbia Costa Smeralda Airport Olbia Italy
FNU Oristano-Fenosu Airport Oristano Italy
QPA Padova Airport Padova Italy
\N Palermo-Boccadifalco Airport Palermo Italy
PNL Pantelleria Airport Pantelleria Italy
PMF Parma Airport Parma Italy
FLR Peretola Airport Florence Italy
PEG Perugia San Francesco d'Assisi – Umbria International Airport Perugia Italy
PSR Pescara International Airport Pescara Italy
QPZ Piacenza San Damiano Air Base Piacenza Italy
PSA Pisa International Airport Pisa Italy
\N Pratica Di Mare Air Base Pratica Di Mare Italy
REG Reggio Calabria Airport Reggio Calabria Italy
\N Rivolto Air Base Rivolto Italy
QSR Salerno Costa d'Amalfi Airport Salerno Italy
QLP Sarzana-Luni Air Base Sarzana (SP) Italy
SAY Siena-Ampugnano Airport Siena Italy
NSY Sigonella Navy Air Base Sigonella Italy
TAR Taranto-Grottaglie "Marcello Arlotta" Airport Grottaglie Italy
TAR Taranto-Grottaglie \"Marcello Arlotta\" Airport Grottaglie Italy
\N Torino-Aeritalia Airport Turin Italy
TTB Tortolì Airport Tortoli Italy
TN0 Trento-Mattarello Airport Trento (TN) Italy
TSF Treviso-Sant'Angelo Airport Treviso Italy
TRS Trieste–Friuli Venezia Giulia Airport Ronchi De Legionari Italy
TRN Turin Airport Torino Italy
\N Urbe Airport Rome Italy
\N Varese-Venegono Airport Varese Italy
VCE Venice Marco Polo Airport Venice Italy
\N Venice-Lido Airport Venice Italy
\N Vercelli Airport Vercelli Italy
VRN Verona Villafranca Airport Villafranca Italy
\N Verona-Boscomantico Airport Verona Italy
VIC Vicenza Airport Vicenza Italy
ALL Villanova D'Albenga International Airport Albenga Italy
TPS Vincenzo Florio Airport Trapani-Birgi Trapani Italy
\N Viterbo Airport Viterbo Italy

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