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A list of all airports and airport codes in Greece, sorted by airport name. This list will help you understand what are all the airports in Greece.

Code Name City Country
AGQ Agrinion Air Base Agrinion Greece
PVK Aktion National Airport Preveza Greece
KVA Alexander the Great International Airport Kavala Greece
\N Alexandria Airport Alexandria Greece
\N Amigdhaleon Airport Kavala Greece
PYR Andravida Air Base Andravida Greece
GPA Araxos Airport Patras Greece
JTY Astypalaia Airport Astypalaia Greece
HEW Athen Helenikon Airport Athens Greece
CHQ Chania International Airport Chania Greece
JKH Chios Island National Airport Chios Greece
RHO Diagoras Airport Rhodos Greece
AXD Dimokritos Airport Alexandroupolis Greece
ZTH Dionysios Solomos Airport Zakynthos Greece
\N Elefsis Airport Elefsis Greece
ATH Eleftherios Venizelos International Airport Athens Greece
KZI Filippos Airport Kozani Greece
HER Heraklion International Nikos Kazantzakis Airport Heraklion Greece
JIK Ikaria Airport Ikaria Greece
IOA Ioannina Airport Ioannina Greece
CFU Ioannis Kapodistrias International Airport Kerkyra/corfu Greece
KLX Kalamata Airport Kalamata Greece
JKL Kalymnos Airport Kalymnos Greece
AOK Karpathos Airport Karpathos Greece
KSJ Kasos Airport Kasos Greece
\N Kasteli Airport Kasteli Greece
KZS Kastelorizo Airport Kastelorizo Greece
KSO Kastoria National Airport Kastoria Greece
EFL Kefallinia Airport Keffallinia Greece
KIT Kithira Airport Kithira Greece
KGS Kos Airport Kos Greece
LRA Larisa Airport Larissa Greece
LRS Leros Airport Leros Greece
LXS Limnos Airport Limnos Greece
\N Maritsa Airport Rhodos Greece
\N Megara Airport Megara Greece
JMK Mikonos Airport Mykonos Greece
MLO Milos Airport Milos Greece
MJT Mytilene International Airport Mytilini Greece
JNX Naxos Airport Cyclades Islands Greece
VOL Nea Anchialos Airport Nea Anghialos Greece
PAS Paros Airport Paros Greece
PKH Porto Cheli Airport Porto Heli Greece
SMI Samos Airport Samos Greece
JTR Santorini Airport Thira Greece
JSH Sitia Airport Sitia Greece
JSI Skiathos Island National Airport Skiathos Greece
SKU Skiros Airport Skiros Greece
\N Sparti Airport Sparti Greece
\N Stefanovikion Air Base Stefanovikion Greece
JSY Syros Airport Syros Island Greece
\N Tanagra Air Base Tanagra Greece
\N Tatoi Airport Dekelia Greece
SKG Thessaloniki Macedonia International Airport Thessaloniki Greece
\N Tripolis Airport Tripolis Greece

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