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A list of all airports and airport codes in Denmark, sorted by airport name. This list will help you understand what are all the airports in Denmark.

Code Name City Country
AAL Aalborg Airport Aalborg Denmark
AAR Aarhus Airport Aarhus Denmark
BLL Billund Airport Billund Denmark
RNN Bornholm Airport Ronne Denmark
CPH Copenhagen Kastrup Airport Copenhagen Denmark
RKE Copenhagen Roskilde Airport Copenhagen Denmark
\N Endelave West Airport Endelage Denmark
EBJ Esbjerg Airport Esbjerg Denmark
\N Grønholt Hillerød Airport Gronholt Denmark
\N Herning Airport Herning Denmark
\N Kalundborg Airport Kalundborg Denmark
KRP Karup Airport Karup Denmark
\N Kolding Vamdrup Airport Kolding Denmark
\N Kruså-Padborg Airport Krusa-padborg Denmark
\N Lolland Falster Maribo Airport Maribo Denmark
\N Læsø Airport Laeso Denmark
ODE Odense Airport Odense Denmark
\N Samsø Airport Samsoe Denmark
CNL Sindal Airport Sindal Denmark
\N Skive Airport Skive Denmark
SKS Skrydstrup Air Base Skrydstrup Denmark
STA Stauning Airport Stauning Denmark
SGD Sønderborg Airport Soenderborg Denmark
TED Thisted Airport Thisted Denmark
\N Tønder Airport Toender Denmark
\N Vesthimmerlands Flyveplads Vesthimmerland Denmark
\N Ærø Airport Aero Denmark

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