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A list of all airports and airport codes in Angola, sorted by airport name. This list will help you understand what are all the airports in Angola.

Code Name City Country
BUG Benguela Airport Benguela Angola
CAB Cabinda Airport Cabinda Angola
CBT Catumbela Airport Catumbela Angola
DUE Dundo Airport Dundo Angola
SVP Kuito Airport Kuito Angola
\N Lobito Airport Lobito Angola
SDD Lubango Airport Lubango Angola
LBZ Lucapa Airport Lucapa Angola
LUO Luena Airport Luena Angola
MEG Malanje Airport Malanje Angola
SSY Mbanza Congo Airport M'banza-congo Angola
SPP Menongue Airport Menongue Angola
MSZ Namibe Airport Mocamedes Angola
GXG Negage Airport Negage Angola
VPE Ngjiva Pereira Airport Ondjiva Angola
NOV Nova Lisboa Airport Huambo Angola
NZA Nzagi Airport Nzagi Angola
PBN Porto Amboim Airport Porto Amboim Angola
LAD Quatro de Fevereiro Airport Luanda Angola
VHC Saurimo Airport Saurimo Angola
SZA Soyo Airport Soyo Angola
NDD Sumbe Airport Sumbe Angola
UGO Uige Airport Uige Angola
XGN Xangongo Airport Xangongo Angola

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