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A list of all airports and airport codes in Afghanistan, sorted by airport name. This list will help you understand what are all the airports in Afghanistan.

Code Name City Country
\N Bagram Air Base Kabul Afghanistan
BIN Bamiyan Airport Bamyan Afghanistan
BST Bost Airport Lashkar Gah Afghanistan
\N Camp Bastion Airport Camp Bastion Afghanistan
CCN Chakcharan Airport Chaghcharan Afghanistan
FAH Farah Airport Farah Afghanistan
FBD Fayzabad Airport Faizabad Afghanistan
HEA Herat Airport Herat Afghanistan
JAA Jalalabad Airport Jalalabad Afghanistan
KBL Kabul International Airport Kabul Afghanistan
KDH Kandahar Airport Kandahar Afghanistan
KHT Khost Airport Khost Afghanistan
UND Konduz Airport Kunduz Afghanistan
MMZ Maimana Airport Maimama Afghanistan
MZR Mazar I Sharif Airport Mazar-i-sharif Afghanistan
AZ3 Sharana Airstrip Sharona Afghanistan
\N Sheberghan Airport Sheberghan Afghanistan
\N Shindand Airport Shindand Afghanistan
TII Tarin Kowt Airport Tarin Kowt Afghanistan
ZAJ Zaranj Airport Zaranj Afghanistan

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